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  • Salcedo Community Market, Saturdays 7am-2pm

We create unique Filipino flavors that cater to the global market.

Welcome to our store.  We create specialty bottled food that are shelf stable for 1-5 years without preservatives, no MSG and no chemical additives. We use the freshest local ingredients.  We use pure olive oil in most of our products and all-natural ingredients.  We have trusted suppliers who have been with us for more than a decade. We use industry-standard cooking equipment and procedures in preparing our bottled food.  They are pressure-canned so they are able to withstand high-altitude.

Please do browse through our products.  We have written everything we think you need to know about our products.  If you have any questions,  please feel free to contact us.  Just go to our 'About Us' page and you will get our contact information from there and all the other purchasing details.

We hope you would want to try some or all of our products.  We only make products we also like to eat. If you are looking for excellently made bottled food and you are also adventurous at heart,  we hope to be part of your staple bottled food favorites. Enjoy!

Featured collection

These are the latest products in our line-up. 

Some new products are new inspirations.  However, some of them are requested by our customers for us to make.

We produce about 100 different products in our line up.  It takes several months in coming up in developing a new recipe.   Although, some food products cannot be made shelf stable. 

We make  exceptional products that are healthy and tasty as well.

The specialty bottled food we make are in olive oil.  It is the known to be the healthiest oil.  It is reliable and has as been used for food for thousands of years. 

We also use coconut oil since it is also very healthy.  Some food may cook very well with coconut oil and some with olive oil.

Hope you try out our new recipes.  Enjoy!

Vegan-friendly and Vegetarian Collection

These products are vegetarian / vegan-friendly.

Our vegan or vegetarian customers are the ones who tell us and show us what they purchased as vegan-friendly or vegetarian.  

They are shelf-stable for 1-3 years.  We have indicated in the product description and also in our labels. 

Hope you try this line - up.

We like feedback.  It is very important to know what your thoughts are.  Most of these products are perfected because of our generous customers.