Malunggay Pesto, 16 oz.

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Malunggay Pesto, 16 oz.

"This is the best-tasting pesto I've ever had!" our customers often exclaim.

We venture to say it is the healthiest pesto.

Juan Carlos Abello who is the owner of this business is the one who created this product.

We created this product before malunggay became popular as a health-food. After a year or so after it's inception, celebrity chefs and bloggers started their own versions although ours is still the best. Not only according to us but to our customers as well. Even some Italian customer of ours had to agree that it tastes good (of course they always claim it's only second best to their basil pesto).

Try it and prove us right.

Kids love it too.  Our kid-rating is TWO THUMBS-UP. 

Serving suggestions:

The 16 oz. jar will make about 600 - 800 grams of cooked pasta,  if you're using it as a pasta sauce. 

You may also use it as a spread for bread or on your morning toast and take it open - faced.  This 8 oz. jar will last for two weeks for one slice of toast for one person, one week for two persons.

You may also spread on a baked salmon. 

The malunggay pesto doesn't get spoiled easily because Malunggay has natural anti-bacterial properties.  When you open the botlle,  you can leave out for about seven (07) hours room temperature and it will not spoil.  Refrigerate at the end of the day,  it will last three months after opening. 

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