Seafood Products

Our seafood products are all natural products.  We use a pressure-canning system in packing our seafood in glass jars.   The glass jars are a non-reactive form of packaging that is safe for your consumption.  The fish are freshly caught. We carefully pack them.  Especially for our Sardines Tamban or Tawilis,  we make sure that the fish is fresh and the scales are still intact.  That is how you will now that you are consuming freshly caught fish. 

As for seafood products that are smoked,  we use an industry standard (smoker) equipment.  They are not chemically smoked,  but they are all-natural.

The fish contents in our seafood glass jars are visible so that you know what you have purchased from us.  We do not hide the quality of our fish.

We use industry standard methods and procedures and we use honest ingredients only.

We pack them in Olive Oil.