Seaweed Bagoong in Olive Oil 4 oz. (Vegetarian Bagoong)

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Seaweed Bagoong in Olive Oil 4 oz. (Vegetarian Bagoong)

Seaweed Bagoong 4 oz. (Vegetarian Bagoong)

Some call it green caviar and but we want to be specific with the names of our products.  So we called it Seaweed Bagoong in Olive Oil.

This idea of vegetarian bagoong was not original to us.  There were some making this with santol or cotton fruit or some use tausi (fermented black soybeans). 

We patterned our Seaweed Bagoong recipe from our popular Healthy Bagoong in Olive Oil but this time we used seaweeds.  So that it will taste like the sea and it will have the similar texture texture to Alamang (baby shrimp) when you bite into it. 

It is naturally salted but we had to make it less salty. 

You can use it  alone for pasta,  you can use it on garlic fried rice and   any other way you use bagoong with vegetarian Kare-kare, green mango or as a topping on your canapés.  You can be creative with it. 

It comes in a 6 oz jar also. 

Also available at the Salcedo Community Market and Legazpi Sunday Market.

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