Honey Love (Spicy) 4 Oz.

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Honey Love (Spicy) 4 Oz.

Raw Honey from Palawan in a 4 Oz jar. 

Available in 8 Oz jar. When you want to try our spicy honey with labuyo (local chili , bird’s eye chili), you can purchase the 4 Oz first.

We use Labuyo flakes which we dried and made it into flakes. 

Labuyo Chilis are known as Bird’s Eye chilis because it’s so small that the birds could ingest it and spit the seeds (usually around the backyard of some home where they have consumed the labuyo chilis . The labuyo plant  can’t be farmed because the plant lives for a short period of time only. Hence, Labuyo is a wild chili. 

Old Honey.

Harvested from a local flower bee farm.

local flowers include Sampaguita and Gumamela. 

Great to drizzle on pizza, on salads, to add to your egg omelette. 

Honey is made to last forever. 

Please do not heat. 

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