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Tofu Adobo, 8 oz.


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Tofu Adobo, 8 oz.
Tofu Adobo, 8 oz.
Tofu Adobo, 8 oz.
Tofu Adobo, 8 oz.

The adobo sauce is a family's heirloom sauce recipe.  We use locally produced Japanese-style firm tofu.

We marinate and stew the tofu until all the flavors sink in. We brown the tofu in a bit of olive oil and promptly pack in glass jars in olive oil.

Most of customers eat these tender morsels straight from the jar and use the oil for a salad. Others like to brown the tofu adobo in a pan with its own packing oil. Others brown it in a toaster-oven.

We like serving our tofu adobo with steaming dinorado or crumble it over a salad.

Shelf stable for one (01) year.

NO preservatives. NO MSG. NO chemical additives.

All natural, honest ingredients only. 

Packed in pure olive oil.

All our products use industry standard methods and equipment.

Refrigerated after opening, it will last up to 2 months after opening and refrigerated. 

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