Baked Beans, 10 oz.

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Baked Beans, 10 oz.
Baked Beans, 10 oz.

Comfort Food in a jar. Homemade baked beans in a rich tomato sauce that we all loved growing-up but this time minus the meat so it's vegetarian friendly as well. 

Take as a side dish with any (or all) of the following: our own No-nitrate Corned Beef, our Air-dried Beef Tapa; or your favorite sausages or meats (like lamb chops or slices of ham) or even with a steak. It makes for a hearty complement with rice or can be eaten alone as a mid-afternoon snack. Sometimes we have a sandwich with baked beans on the side.

It's all natural, honest ingredients only. No preservatives, no MSG, no chemical additives, no food coloring. 

It comes in two variants : regular (muscovado) and sugar free (Stevia).

Refrigerate after opening. 

Shelf stable for three (03) years. We use industry standard production equipment and methods.

We make sure our specialty bottled foods taste great and are healthier than the usual.

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