Baked Beans, 10 oz.

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Baked Beans, 10 oz.
Baked Beans, 10 oz.

Comfort Food in a jar. Homemade baked beans in rich tomato sauce that we all loved growing-up minus the meat so it's vegetarian friendly as well. 

We make sure our specialty bottled foods taste great and are healthier than the usual.

Take as a side dish with any (or all) of the following:  our own No-nitrate Corned Beef, our Air-dried Beef Tapa; or your favorite sausages or meats (like lamb chops or slices of ham) or even with a steak.

It makes for a hearty complement with rice or can be eaten alone as a mid-afternoon snack. You can have a sandwich with baked beans on the side.

No preservatives, no MSG, no chemical additives, no food coloring. All natural, honest ingredients only. 

It comes in two variants : regular (muscovado) and sugar free (Stevia).

Refrigerate after opening. 

Shelf stable for three (03) years. We use industry standard production equipment and methods.

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