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Tofu Adobo, 8 oz.


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Tofu Adobo, 8 oz.
Tofu Adobo, 8 oz.

The adobo sauce is a family's heirloom sauce recipe.  We use locally produced Japanese-style firm tofu.

We marinate and stew the tofu until all the flavors sink in. We brown the tofu in a bit of olive oil and promptly pack in glass jars in olive oil.

Most of customers eat these tender morsels straight from the jar and use the oil for a salad. Others like to brown the tofu adobo in a pan with its own packing oil. Others brown it in a toaster-oven.

We like serving our tofu adobo with steaming dinorado or crumble it over a salad.

Shelf stable for three (03) years. NO preservatives. NO MSG. NO chemical additives.

Refrigerated after opening, it will last up to 2 months after opening and refrigerated. 

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