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Malunggay Pesto, 4 oz.

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Malunggay Pesto, 4 oz.
Malunggay Pesto, 4 oz.

"This is the best-tasting pesto I've ever had!" our customers often exclaim.

We created this recipe since 2006 and it is our best seller since we created it.  We also venture to say it is the healthiest pesto in the world.  Malunggay is known internationally as a super-food.  We made 80% of the recipe using fresh malunggay leaves and 20% is a basil pesto recipe. 

It is non-dairy, sugar-free, vegan-friendly.  Kids love it too.  Our kid-rating is TWO THUMBS-UP. 

We created Malunggay Pesto before Malunggay (Moringa) became popular as a health-food. After a year of it's inception, celebrity chefs and bloggers started their own versions although ours is still the best - not only according to us but to our customers as well.   Even those who make their own pesto,  prefer our Malunggay Pesto since they have tried ours.

Serving suggestions:

As pesto sauce to any type of pasta: The 4 oz. jar will make about 200-300 grams of cooked pasta.  Good for 2-3 servings. 

You can mix it any seafood such as shrimps (to make shrimp pesto pasta) or mussels or sardines or tuna or salmon. 

As a spread for bread or on your morning toast or pan de sal.   You may also spread  generously on a baked salmon. 

Kids love to mix it with their rice.  We  mix it into our cauliflower rice or broccoli rice for  a low-carb diet.

Shelf-stable for one (01) year.  Refrigerate after opening.  It will last three (03) months once opened,  refrigerated. 


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