Labuyo Flakes, 8 oz.

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Labuyo Flakes, 8 oz.
Labuyo Flakes, 8 oz.

The Filipino equivalent of Chili Flakes, Labuyo flakes is spicier so just a bit goes a long way in bringing heat to your pizza, pasta or other favorite dish. 

Labuyo is our local chili.  It is also called Bird's Eye Chili.  Many birds in the country love this chili.  So when you have a tree,  it is wise for your to cover in with a screen cloth.  Otherwise when you come and harvest,  there is not more fruit for you - exactly what happened to us.

The birds eat the local chili and poop them anywhere in your backyard and one day you'll see the Labuyo plant growing around your surroundings.  That is how we harvest the Labuyo. 

We cannot harvest too many of it,  it is hard to find. 

It is spicier than the locally grown Taiwan variant sold at the markets. 

So when we have bottles of Labuyo Flakes,  we suggest you purchase it already! 

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