Smoked Sardines with Calamansi In Olive Oil, 8 oz.

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Smoked Sardines with Calamansi In Olive Oil, 8 oz.

Smoked Sardines Tamban with Calamansi  in Olive Oil.8 Oz. 

This is a Portuguese style "Sardines" Tamban. 

It means it's  packed in Olive Oil thru and thru and we added a slice of carrot, a slice of dill pickles, a bay leaf, peppercorns and cloves. 

We use Tamban fish for this particular product. It is more closely related in taste to the Sardines found in Portugal. 

This product is an ORIGINAL recipe by us. 


When the owner was young, his mom would add Calamansi (Philippine lemon) to the "Tinapa", smoked fish. 


The Dill Pickles we use here is made by us, it is also free from preservatives. 


All of our products have no preservatives, MSG, chemical additives or food coloring. Refrigerate after opening. 


We make them all natural. The raw materials are fresh ingredients that are carefully  curated.  


We use retort canning procedure for all of our products especially the seafood, which is an industry standard procedure. 


Serving suggestions : 

You may eat it with "Silog" (fried rice + egg).


Or you may take with your pasta ( mash it and make yourself your own tinapa paté in olive oil.)


You can also use it as a filing for your hot pandesal for breakfast or merienda with coffee.  


You can also use in your green salads.


Delicious,  you can be very creative with this product.


Shelf Stable for three (03) years.

 No preservatives, no MSG, no chemical additives, no food coloring.

 All natural, honest ingredients only.

 Refrigerate after opening.




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