Lightly Smoked Sardines Portuguese Style, 8 oz.

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Lightly Smoked Sardines Portuguese Style, 8 oz.

This is one of our authentic recipes for tinapa sardines. 

We've been smoking tamban long before the idea of bottling tinapa in olive oil emerged.

We  mildly smoke our tamban sardines using an industry-standard smoker, and they're packed in pure olive oil. We exclusively make use of local hardwood like mahogany, santol wood, and mango wood.

Experience the delicate, Portuguese-style smoked tamban (tinapa) with the tenderness of sardines.

It's low in salt.


Does not contain  preservatives, MSG, or chemical additives.

With a shelf life of three (03) years, Remember to refrigerate after opening.

It won't unexpectedly burst open even at high altitudes. 

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