Seafood Marinara Pasta Sauce (Bangus), 8 oz.

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Seafood Marinara Pasta Sauce (Bangus), 8 oz.
Seafood Marinara Pasta Sauce (Bangus), 8 oz.

"Mom, you make the best spaghetti in the world!" Exclaimed by the son of one of our customers.

Simply toss and mix into any cooked pasta and viola! You have an instant gourmet pasta dish.

This is a healthier twist to your regular tomatit- based meat sauce or as a gourmet alternative for pomodoro sauce. In place of beef, we use milkfish (Bangus meat) morsels which we delicately smoked for that slight "smoky-sausage" flavor. We do our own natural smoking. We have our own industry standard smoker. We use local hardwood.

Another customer uses it as a base for paella, saying it gave the paella a flavor like that of "chorizo".

You can do so many things with this product especially if you are the adventurous foodie type. 🙂

Shelf stable for three (03) years without preservatives or any MSG, no chemical additives. All - natural, honest ingredients. Packed in pure olive oil.

Refrigerate after opening.

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