Sardines "Tawilis" Olive Oil, 8 oz.

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Sardines "Tawilis"  Olive Oil, 8 oz.

Sardines Tawilis in Olive Oil, 8 oz round jar.

Ingredients : Tawilis, olive oil, a slice of carrot, a slice of homemade Dill pickle and chlli.

Absolutely no preservatives, no MSG, no chemical additives. 

All natural, honest ingredients only. 

We use industry standard methods and equipment. 

Shelf stable for three (03) years. 

Freshly caught Tawilis straight from the fishermen. The first catch of the day. 

Our Tawilis is salt water Tawilis. We do not get Tawilis from the endangered Taal Lake. 

Washed carefully so that the scales does not fall off. You know a fresh catch when there is still scales. When there are no scales anymore, you got a fish that is not fresh anymore. 

Our labels does not cover the whole bottle so our customers will see that our bottled fish is still the fresh catch of the day. 

We carefully brine our fish and par-cook it before we carefully place it in the bottles in Olive oil only. 

Our olive oil supplier gets the olive oil directly from Spain. 



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