Dulong in Tomato and Olive Oil, 8 oz.

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Dulong in Tomato and  Olive Oil, 8 oz.
Dulong in Tomato and  Olive Oil, 8 oz.

This comes in an 4 oz jar also. 

For the Dulong in Tomato and  Olive Oil variant, we tried adding some tomatoes and it turned to be quite unique in flavour somewhat like a Ragu or Pomodoro. 

Serving suggestions:

Perfect for bruschettas,  you can cottage cheese or goat's cheese on top and green olives with pimiento. You can use it as a red pasta sauce or a as topping on pizza. Original.

Background on the Dulong fish: 

Dulong fish are called different names in different places  but they're popularly known as "Dulong".  They are caught wild from rivers or lakes during a particular season every year. 

They are known to have low sodium content and high calcium.  We want to highlight the characteristics of this white flesh fish as we develop our recipe. 

How we developed the recipe: 

We prepared it Spanish style in Olive oil marinated in cane vinegar, garlic, and onions, with tomato for Dulong and Tomato and some chili flakes for our Spicy variant but we make it "pleasantly spicy".   We used very little sea salt just to add a bit of flavour but the idea is not to overpower the mild taste of the Dulong fish. 

We also developed our recipe with the international palate in mind. We have patrons from the local and the international community as well. 

Serving suggestions:

- Serve on toast or crackers, may also be served with red or white wine. 

- You may put in on rice and add Calamansi as most Filipinos would.

- Some Asians just mix it into their stir-fried rice. 

- You try it on pasta as a light but tasty gourmet pasta sauce.

- Perfect also as a pizza topping.  

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