Dulong, Tomato & Olive Oil, 8 oz.

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Dulong, Tomato & Olive Oil, 8 oz.
Dulong, Tomato & Olive Oil, 8 oz.

For the Dulong and Tomato in Olive Oil variant, we tried adding some tomatoes and it turned to be quite unique in flavour somewhat like a Ragu or Pomodoro. 

Serving suggestions:

Perfect for bruschettas,  you can cottage cheese or goat's cheese on top and green olives with pimiento. You can use it as a red pasta sauce or a as topping on pizza. Original.

Background on the Dulong fish: 

Dulong are one of the tiniest fish in the world that is found in Philippine waters.  They are called different names in different regions but they're popularly known as "Dulong". 

Fresh Dulong are seasonal. 

Caught wild.  

Low-sodium fish. 

Contains high source of calcium. 

Our recipe:  prepared Spanish style in Olive oil marinated in cane vinegar, garlic, and onions.  We used very little salt just to add a bit of flavour but the idea is  to make this recipe low salt.