Bangus Adobo in Olive Oil, 8 oz. (square jar)

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Bangus Adobo in Olive Oil, 8 oz. (square jar)

Bangus (Milkfish) Back Fillet Adobo in Olive Oil. We include fish bones in this product. Why? Fish bones have high calcium content.  You won't feel the bones anymor, they're very soft (like that of the sardines) because we cook our products in industry standard canning equipment and procedure. 

We use our family's heirloom adobo sauce for this recipe. This is one of our best sellers.  A must try!

You may think that this is a common product since every Filipino family have their own Adobo rendition.  Of course,  each Filipino family is proud of their Adobo recipes and each Filipino family have different ways to prepare their "Adobo".  This is our family's version. 

We made this jar of Bangus Back Fillet Adobo with a healthier twist:  we packed in Olive Oil. Aside from that Bangus is known to be rich in omega 3.  Also,  since we added the bones which are already soft,  you get high calcium as well.

When you cook adobo style whether using chicken-pork adobo or just chicken meat or just using pork meat or in our case,  Bangus meat or Tofu,  it is a slow-cooking process of cooking the meat with vinegar and soy sauce.  That's the secret why Adobo style of cooking is so delicious.  We know some foreigners also love it. 

Serve this product with hot rice or like most Filipino breakfast,  with fried rice or as filling in a warm pan de sal for breakfast or even for merienda.

Also available in 10 oz. jars.