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Spicy Honey Love 8 Oz.- What's it about

Spicy Honey Love 8 Oz.- What's it about We use raw Honey + Labuyo (local chili). We made sure that we get  the real one. Aside from the results from passed laboratory tests, we had a foreign customer who told us that they will test our honey under their microscope. They promised to let me know the result. If they're note real honey,  we won’t sell them and we'll take them out of our lineup. The next time when we saw  customer, they told us that we have a real  Honey . Yay!  We sourced out our local chili : Labuyo from the communities in the provinces around Metro Manila.   We looked for a supplier that is close...

Malunggay Pesto in Olive Oil - The Original

Malunggay Pesto in Olive Oil - The Original

The original always taste the best and this is very much true for our Maunggay Pesto in Olive Oil, 8 oz.

Although we are flattered that even "celebrity chefs"  would copy this product and a few bottled food manufacturers as well, but we are sad to know that they to do a bad job at copying.  Hence,  the Malunggay Pesto product would get a bad reputation of leaving a bad taste in your mouth BUT NOT UNLESS we are able to convice these customers to give ours, The Original Malunggay Pesto, a try. 

After  we would let them try a tiny bit of our Malunggay Pesto on a toast at our weekend markets, their eyes would light up and we'll see a smile across their faces and  the sound "mmmm!" That's just music to our ears! They would go away with a purchase of our Malunggay Pesto and they become patrons.

You do a really good job,  make an excellent product and you'll get loyal customers that way.

The original Malunggay Pesto will always taste the best.