Spicy Honey Love 8 Oz.- What's it about

We use raw Honey + Labuyo (local chili). We made sure that we get  the real one. Aside from the results from passed laboratory tests, we had a foreign customer who told us that they will test our honey under their microscope. They promised to let me know the result. If they're note real honey,  we won’t sell them and we'll take them out of our lineup. The next time when we saw  customer, they told us that we have a real  Honey . Yay! 

We sourced out our local chili : Labuyo from the communities in the provinces around Metro Manila.   We looked for a supplier that is close to commissary in Manila so that it is not expensive to transport it to Commosary.. 

The local Chilis -- Labuyo, cannot be farmed. The  plant  doesn’t last long. This local chili is known and called as ‘bird’s eye chili. Its called that because the birds are attracted to it for food and poops it out later.  It lands to wherever in your garden and that’swhere  the plants / shrub   grows. You need to harvest when they're red otherwise the birds get to it first.

This situation  happened to us when we bought a plant filled with Labuyo. We decided to harvest the following day. The next day, we saw that the Labuyo are nowhere to be found anymore. The birds got to them first Some people cover it with nets so that they could harvest and the birds won't be able to get to it first. The following days, we've seen shrubs of Labuyo plant growing around our garden.

So with this Spicy Honey Love, we added the Labuyo in the raw honey.

This is an all natural product. Made in the Philippines. 

We use industry standard methods and kitchen equipment in producing our products. We make sure that we create excellent products that tastes really good. 

We make products that are excellent and most especially healthier. We want you to have a healthy lifestyle not just a type of lifestyle. 

Our products are direct to the point. No fancy names! It means that  we're  serious and intentional with what we produce, we don't sway you with embellished product names. 

You can be creative with Spicy Honey Love. Try it out with your new food concoctions. Please share with us how you used it and we're glad to share them too with our other customers. 

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