Milkfish Paté in Olive Oil, 8 oz.

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Milkfish Paté in Olive Oil, 8 oz.
Milkfish Paté in Olive Oil, 8 oz.
Milkfish Paté in Olive Oil, 8 oz.

This is our fist original recipe. It is still our best seller since we created it in 2004.

We use an an open -sea raised bangus (Milkfish).  So it is fresh and cleaner in flavor. 


We naturally smoked our own industry standard smoker which we purchased it from a world renowned restaurant.


No preservatives, no MSG, no chemical additives. All natural, honest ingredients only.


They  are packed in pure olive oil. 


A flavorful and healthy paté made from the meat of the milkfish, delicately smoked (naturally smoked using local hardwood) and blended with select spices and olive oil.


Serve with buttered toast or crackers or use as a filling for lumpia or croquetas. 


Shelf - stable for three (03) years.  Refrigerate after opening.


We use industry standard pressure canners with automatic sealing caps in all of our specialty bottled food which makes them safe and healthy.