Honey+Labuyo (Spicy Honey), 8 oz.

Isla Filipine

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Honey+Labuyo (Spicy Honey), 8 oz.
Honey+Labuyo (Spicy Honey), 8 oz.

Our raw honey from Palawan and Labuyo flakes makes this honey deliciously hot. 

Drizzle on any pizza. 

You can make a yummy morning toast with spam (like how we Filipinos like it) in the morning and layer it with fried egg and top it with alfalfa sprouts and finally drizzle with Honey+Lab like how we did it in one of the pictures provided. Try it!  It will make your mornings a little bit special. 

We get our honey straight from a Palawan farm owner whom we have known for more than eight years.  It is a local multi-floral bee farm and one of the few honeys in the market with DOST accreditation.  Our customers have tested our honey under a microscope and it has proven to contain bee-pollen.  In fact, even if you freeze our raw honey,  you will still get the same consistency.

Also,  the honey should have a waxy feel in you mouth.  That is also one way to tell that you have a natural honey.

Honey is known to have health benefits.  When you research about honey,  you will know how healthy it is to consume some. 

Let us support our local farmers,  let us buy local.

Re:  "Organic" honey,  the term organic seems more like a marketing strategy than a fact.  "Organic" standards around the world vary.  Even in France where they are promoting being organic,  they allow copper sulfate and pyrethrins which are pesticides, but they still call it "organic".  Locally, there is no government body that establishes which is organic.  What we have is an independent organization that is not regulated by the government.    

Furthermore, you cannot really control where the bees go and pollinate.  If the adjacent farm is not organic, then most probably the bees will carry traces of chemicals from the other farm.  If any of those chemicals are toxic or has pesticides,  it could kill the entire hive. 

With us,  we don't use the word "organic" for honey because honey is by default, natural.

However,  some bee farms cheat by putting sugar water right next to the hives.  so one way to ensure that your honey is real,  you have to check that your honey has pollen.  This is proof that the bees actually pollinated some flowers.  


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