Glorious Mustard, 8 oz.

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Glorious Mustard, 8 oz.
Glorious Mustard, 8 oz.

Glorious Mustard, 8 oz. 

Our Glorious Mustard is for those who want the bold flavored mustard.  

It contains black Asian mustard seed which we cracked, mixed in with cane vinegar and Spanish sherry. 

It's somewhat like a textured Dijon that's hot with a wasabi-effect. 

Try it in your favorite sandwich, spread lightly or use as a salad dressing, very lightly and perfect for your favorite sausages as well.

Mustard should not be heated. Heat destroys the enzymes that gives it flavor. 

We packed it in a glass jar because it the most non-reactive packaging. 

Shelf stable for three (03) years. 




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