Healthy Bagoong in Olive Oil, 8 oz (round jar)

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Healthy Bagoong in Olive Oil, 8 oz (round jar)

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Our Healthy Bagoong in Olive Oil has no preservatives, no saltire, no MSG and has just the right amount of saltiness (lesser salt) and is sauteed in garlic and olive oil, we use muscovado sugar. 

For salt,  we use all-natural sea salt from a salt farm in northern Luzon.

When we saw the exposé on TV some years back on how the commercial bottled bagoong alamang is made, we decided to make our own. 

Our recipe tastes cleaner and healthier.  We prepared it carefully and we use the fresh catch of alamang in season. 

Most people do not know that Alamang is seasonal.  That is why commercial producers buy in bulk during its season and put preservatives while producing them instead of hiring more hands to pack them same day they are caught. They use sodium nitrate or Salitre which gives it also a uniform color. 

We do not need to use preservatives since we only produce in small batches per production day.  This will allow us to cook and bottle the Alamang in one day and seal them in the pressure canning equipment, which is an industry standard  for sealing food in glass jars  without the use of preservatives.  Our Healthy Bagoong may not have that uniform color unlike the commercial ones.  It is because the supply of fresh Alamang comes in variety of color and sizes depending on the location where it was caught and / or  based on the season you caught it. 

Our Healthy Bagoong in Olive Oil comes in two types of 8 oz. glass jars:  square and round. The square glass jar is a heavier and the round glass jar is lighter.

Our Spicy Healthy Bagoong in Olive Oil is mildly spicy.  If you want it spicier,  you can add more chili flakes or labuyo flakes which we also sell online.

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