Eco-friendly Packaging

Premium Local Philippines

Regular price ₱150.00

.This eco-friendly bag can be re-used or recycled. It can   be used for storage and hung or used as a gift bag for another occasion, after the holidays.

It is unlike any packaging, such as Sinamay, Abacca, Cellophane and Carton packaging which gets  thrown into the garbage after use. Though they will degrade, it takes sometime to  degrade. It doesn't make it very much eco-friendly since you cannot reuse it and it will take too much  recycling effort. 

Even the wired ribbon we prefer to use for this bag can also be re-used for another gift since it is easy to bend back into shape. This eco-friendly packaging costs ₱150. Bottled products not yet included in the price. Offer good while supplies last.

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