Dulong in Olive Oil 8 oz.

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Dulong in Olive Oil 8 oz.
Dulong in Olive Oil 8 oz.

DULONG IN OLIVE OIL 8 oz / 4 oz. comes in three variants: Original, Spicy, Tomato and Olive Oil.
Dulong is one of the tiniest fish in the world and they are found in our lakes and rivers.

They are seasonal. Only available around October - March. Sometimes unpredictable supply.

These are not baby shrimps or fish fry. They are sometimes mistaken as such.

They are also available in other Asian counties. They are called different names in different regions in the Philippines. They are popularly called as Dulong.

They are known to be low sodium type of fish and have high calcium content.

We make our recipe specifically low-salt, packed in pure olive oil and we use very minimal spices.

We patterned our recipe after spanish angulas recipe since the fish taste similar.

We also have a spicy variant, we call it "pleasantly spicy", if you want it spicier, we also make chili flakes in glass jars.

Our third variant is Dulong in Tomato and Olive Oil (currently out of stock).

No preservatives, NO MSG, NO chemical additives, NO artifical flavoring or coloring. Refrigerate after opening.

All natural, honest ingredients. Shelf stable for one (01) year. Dulong in Tomato and Olive Oil is shelf stable for three (03) years.

Serving suggestions:

- Serve on toast or crackers, may also be served with red or white wine. 

- You may put in on rice and add Calamansi as most Filipinos would.

- Some Asians just mix it into their stir-fried rice. 

- You try it on pasta as a light but tasty gourmet pasta sauce.

- Perfect also as a pizza topping.  



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