Dill Pickles, 32 oz.

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Dill Pickles, 32 oz.
This is a sandwhich with our Bangus in Brine mixed in with our Malunggay Mayo and slices of our Dill Pickles.

Gherkins (or Jerkins) pickled in vinegar, low-salt, sugar-free,  packed in a 32oz jar. 

Homemade New York style pickled gherkins with dill. 

Vegetarian / Vegan-friendly.

Crunchy and sour. 

Perfect for your burgers.  You may put it on a stick/skewer and take it straight from the jar. 

Absolutely no preservatives.  Spicy variant for special orders.

Ingredients:  local gherkins, cane vinegar, garlic, sea salt, dill and chili (for hot variant).

Two (02) years shelf life. Refrigerate after opening.


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