Crunchy Tuyo Bits, 8 oz.

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Crunchy  Tuyo Bits, 8 oz.


Traditionally, Filipinos eat the whole fried Tuyo (fish prepared like anchovy but sun-dried).

We baked  (air-fried) the Tuyo Bits, spritzed it with olive oil and sealed it in a glass jar.

Use it to garnish any kind of pancit (noodles), stir fried veggies, hot rice, sinangag (fried rice) , rice porridge, even as sprinkler on an ice cream (some say)! Or anywhere you want the flavor of Tuyo on whatever dish you fancy.

Sugar-free.  Absolutely no preservatives, no MSG, no chemical additives, no food coloring.

We use industry standard methods and equipment in making all of our specialty bottled food.

Shelf-stable for three (03) years.  Refrigerate after opening.

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