Air-dried Beef Tapa, 10 oz.

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Air-dried Beef Tapa, 10 oz.

Air-dried (local) Beef Tapa rolled into a scroll.  You can take it straight out of the jar and take it like beef jerky or drizzle with a bit of olive oil and pan-fry or oven-toast to desired crispness, serve with hot vinegar for a quick appetizer or have it with rice. Make yourself a "BLT"(Beef Lettuce and Tomato sandwich) or have it in warm pan de sal.

We use local beef from the south of Luzon, Batangas City.  We left a little bit of fat for flavor.  But absolutely no nitrates or nitrites,  no MSG, no food coloring.  Just good ol' air-drying technique. 

Shelf stable for three (03) years. 

We pressure can all our bottled food. NO preservatives. No. MSG. No  chemical additives. 

Sugar-free, low fat, low salt. All - natural, honest ingredients only