Smoked Tuyo in Olive Oil, 8 oz. (square jar)

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Smoked Tuyo in Olive Oil, 8 oz.  (square jar)

We like tuyo (sun-dried herring) and we liked smoked fish (tinapa in filipino) as well. Hence, we created the very first ever SMOKED TUYO in Olive Oil in an 8 oz. square jar (we also pack them in a generic round jar).

Shelf-stable for one year.

Refrigerate after opening because it has no preservatives.

It can withstand high altitudes.  Perfect for pasalubong abroad.

Serving suggestions:

For pasta:  All you need is just half a fish for 100 grams of cooked pasta OR one (01) cup of rice if you want to mix it into your rice. 

If you're into Tuyo and Tinapa and you like filipino gourmet food - you must try this one.

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