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Juan Carlos Abello

We are familiar with the Gourmet Tuyo fillets in a jar that is commercial available everywhere in the Philippines.  Some don't use olive oil, they use a GMO oil product such as corn-oil and soya-oil,  which if you are health-conscious,  you wouldn't want GMO with your food.  Still,  even with the use of these GMO oils by almost every bottled tuyo,  manufacturers of such products still call them "gourmet" although the word  means high quality food.  We personally do not consider corn oil or soya oil based tuyo to be "gourmet".  Sometimes,  we buy bottled gourmet tuyo in the supermarkets and we get embarrassed that it is called gourmet tuyo.  We are calling to the manufacturers of these so called gourmet tuyo bottled food to please make your products with integrity especially if you place on the label that it is a product of the Philippines. 

We have also discovered that these so called Gourmet Tuyo bottled food do not follow  industry standards.  These bottled gourmet tuyo products most often are prepared "homemade".  Meaning they do not use industry standard canning / jarring procedures.  They just do a boiling water bath procedure which will be shelf stable for about a month and then it will spoil afterwards.  And that is definitely not "gourmet" right? 

Our Old Fashioned Gourmet Tuyo in Olive Oil is prepared using international industry standards - using a pressure canning machine so that our product is shelf-stable for one year even without preservatives.  We use pure olive oil and choice local ingredients. Old Fashioned Gourmet Tuyo is bone-in whole tuyo (not filleted). We included the bones so that you get high calcium.  It is known that canned / bottled fish (i.e. sardines) have the highest source of calcium.  Since we desire to create Filipino products that are healthy alternatives to the regular Filipino food fare,  we included the bones.  We follow international industry standards in preparing this bottle,  it is cooked for about two hours, hence, the bones are softened.  Before the bottled tuyo came into existence, Filipinos enjoy their tuyo fried with bones.  And so we are doing just that and a little more upscale using pure olive oil.  Shelf-stable for one (01) year, no preservatives. 

Our utmost desire is to create a Filipino made product that we can be proud of and that our "balikbayans" can be proud of as well when they bring them abroad.  We sometimes would have foreign customers who are adventurous and would like to try out popular Filipino food.  We want them to agree with us that it is indeed gourmet. - RSA


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